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This page displays my BA Design undergraduate dissertation (overall grade: 1st), the publication aims to consider how small adaptations in everyday life can manifest to create epic change. The work goes onto consider how we understand the relationships we have with our surrounding urban and natural environments, further exploring how such changes could begin to form a better understanding of environmental empathy. The abstract goes as follows:

Ownership, identity, wellbeing and consumption. Four terms that allow us to identify ourselves and others in a context specific to human-kind. This report acts as a springboard for me, a reflection, a method to consider or attempt to understand why it is these terms represent us all so willingly. Our inhabited environment is at a point at which these terms that dictate who and what we are must shift in order for it to be protected. But to change so drastically is incomprehensible, change on any level must be staggered and controlled in order to protect the beauty within. Throughout this report I have endeavoured to create small methods of reflection and consideration. Ways to understand and comment upon how the world is changing and what that will result in as we begin to pass the point at which our consumption cannot be controlled or corrected any longer.

Click here to view my BA Design Third Year Dissertation.

below are some of illustrations I produced to go within this publication, CLICK ANY OF THE images TO SEE THEM FULL SCREEN: