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‘What A Wonderful World ?’ pt. 1 is a multi-sensory immersive experience that offers a number of possible outcomes to a single narrative, in much the same way as a ‘guide your own adventure book’ would do. However these varied outcomes are not conscious decisions the participant can make themselves, rather they are chosen through a coded program that is constantly analysing the user’s facial expressions through a webcam and directing the narrative in accordance to how they are reacting to the storyline in real time. Placed in a simulated dystopian future, the user must deal with issues directly caused by global warming. A vision of what is to come should we not make efforts to change our current methods of consumption. 

By showing the audience a more impulsive way of developing a narrative we are attempting to be more reflective of our everyday, mundane choices. Choices that are fundamentally the biggest issues in regards to rising carbon emission levels and non-sustainable consumption. 

We are working towards creating environment empathy through our work, in the hopes of creating a greater sense of reasoning in regards to how we conduct our everyday selves. Our aspirations are to better understand if there is a way we can ‘gamify’ an experience focused around sustainability through immersive environments in an attempt to bring out our best selves. In short, can we hijack a traditional storytelling structure to create increased emotional engagement with environmental and ecological issues?

The work shown on this page was shown at a work-in-progress exhibition in February 2019, it was produced in collaboration with Maja Nordblom.

Please see What A Wonderful World pt.2 for this project’s conclusion.

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