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This project was entered for the international Creative Conscience award (2019) and made it through as a finalist within the ‘Experience’ category. Although we did not win, we were highly commended for our work and received a great amount of praise for our progressive views on how we as a society could begin to handle the growing climate crisis.  

“What A Wonderful World?” is a sensory led, immersive adventure. Multiple pathways are chosen within the narrative of a fragile dystopian future, where our climate has become increasingly volatile. In this scenario, London has begun to flood due to rising sea levels and more irregular weather patterns. 

The experience takes place within a custom set, built to take the appearance of a kitchen within a small apartment in Central London. We have used projectors, multiple computers and a number of sensors and webcams to create a fully functional, stand alone space for three people to experience at a time. Yet the complexity of our work lies in the fact that each of the three audience members that enter the space hear a different character's perspective of the events that unfold

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The thesis behind this project is that our everyday choices in life are often neither conscious nor thought out. Rather they are spontaneous and instinctual. Therefore, creating an immersive experience that asks people to consider their unsustainable actions in life, must also have a narrative driven by unconscious human actions. 

Consequently the multiple pathways this narrative can take are guided by emotional recognition software and sensors that read the natural stress levels of the body. By allowing these instinctual, bodily outputs to guide the path this story takes, we believe we are better reflecting how we act in our everyday lives. Forcing the audience to actively reflect upon their unsustainable, unconscious choices, more consciously.

This is my final BA Design project, it was a collaboration with my good friend, Maja Nordblom. Every part of this project, from the interior design to the audio and video editing was produced by us which is something we are very proud to have achieved.